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1. Accounting

If any shared vehicles are used under a personal contract (evenings and weekends), a monthly invoice may be produced for each subscriber to your service. If the box located in the left-hand column of the invoice table is marked , the invoice will be available on the Subscriber’s Personal Account space on the vehicle reservation platform.

You can amend each invoice by clicking  : when this page is displayed, the “Add a line” option will be available. Each line relates to a specific service or even to a penalty applied to the user (in the event of a delay, for instance).

You can also generate a .pdf file by clicking the icon .

In the case of settlements of individual items, the Card receipt option allows invoices to be produced for each item, instead of a general monthly invoice.

2. Credit transactions

The credit transaction page presents a history of all payments made by your subscribers to settle their shared vehicle reservations (under a personal contract). To facilitate these transactions, the e-Colibri platform is directly related to an online payment platform.

Depending on your configuration, reservations can be paid for prior to use (based on the theoretical reservation duration) or after use (actual use). In order to settle the reservation, subscribers are invited to pre-arrange the payment to make sure that their account has sufficient funds.

3. Automatic transfers

Automatic transfers show you the balances of your subscribers and, if the balance is negative, to request a direct debit from their account to make sure that they are up-to-date with all payments. Their payment method must, of course, be entered into their subscriber account, from the reservation front office. This platform also enables your subscribers to settle any balances.