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1. My account

This page gives your subscribers access to all the information about their subscriber account: contact details, user names and passwords to access the platform, reference car park, licence number, etc. If necessary, they can update this information in order to notify the administrator of any change.

2. Invoices

The My invoices page enables your subscribers to view all their invoices for the carsharing service. You will find their references, issue date, corresponding contract and the total amount including all taxes and charges. By clicking the magnifying glass icon, details of each invoice are also displayed.

This tab enables greater control over expenses in an autonomous fashion and with the option of exporting invoices, if necessary. Basically, making life easier!

3. Credits/payments

In the event of a personal contract, your subscribers can credit their account to pay for their reservations at evenings and weekends. This page displays the current balance of their contract, which can be credited (if their bank information has been previously entered on the payment platform chosen by your company). 

A history of transactions is also available for the purpose of checking all transactions. 

4. Messaging service

The Messaging tab provides access to a standard inbox which lists all exchanges between you (the administrator) or the support and your subscribers.

Messaging allows any problem that is found to affect the vehicle, any object missing from the passenger compartment or even any missing item found by another user to be easily and swiftly reported.