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1. Registration to the service

When your service begins, an e-mail will be sent to employees to allow them to register.

The various registration stages

1. Users must go to the website indicated by the administrator and enter their e-mail address.

2. They will then be sent a confirmation e-mail to activate their account, along with a description of the procedure to follow and a link to a form. 

3. When this form is displayed, they must complete the fields with their contact details, the choice of their reference car park and a password. They will also be asked to scan their licence or a licence certificate so that it can be sent on to the administrator.

After this stage has been completed, they must accept the general terms of use governing the carsharing service.

4. After they form has been sent, they will receive a pre-registration confirmation e-mail. The name of the manager of their site will be specified and so too will the place that they must visit in order to complete their registration.

5. Users must visit the manager to jointly verify the data that have been disclosed (contact details and licence). If these data are not verified during this stage, the contract may be concluded but the subscribers may not drive any shared vehicles: they may simply benefit from the carsharing scheme in the context of the service.

In order to complete the new subscriber sheet, the fleet manager has a card reader which is used to allocate a user number. This means that subscribers can be identified whenever they may reservations. Two contracts will be created in their name: a professional contract and a personal contract.

After this stage, new subscribers will be autonomous and can manage their account and reservations.

2. Login

When the registration has been validated and the card has been issued, subscribers can connect to the carsharing service. To do so, they must go to the specified connection interface. When this page is displayed, they must enter their username and password to access the home portal.

Forgotten your password?

If your subscribers forget or lose their password, they can click on “Forgotten your password?” on the e-Colibriplatform login page. They must then enter the e-mail address they used to set up their carsharing account. A message will be sent to this address with a link enabling them to change their password.