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Welcome to the Mobility Tech Green help center which provides exclusive support in relation to the e-Colibri™ carsharing solution! You will find all the information you need to help you understand your new service and its deployment across your fleet of vehicles.

1. Benefits of the e-Colibri™ solution

By choosing to integrate a carsharing solution into your daily fleet management, there are many advantages both for you, as a fleet manager, and for your employees. Let us explain what they are!

Operational benefits

By offering a carsharing service in your company or local authority, you are able to satisfy the same mobility requirements of your employees while reducing the size of the fleet based on a pooling system. By offering a self-service vehicle reservation service in the form of carsharing, you are able to guarantee the flexibility and availability of vehicles on demand, in accordance with actual requirements.

Financial benefits

The solution also changes the dynamics of vehicle management for the manager. As vehicles are available for reservation, they are used more frequently and turnover within the fleet is therefore optimised and maintenance costs are better distributed. On average, overall fleet management costs may be reduced by 30% following the implementation of a carsharing service. This service may also provide accurate data about the use of each vehicle and therefore allow the size of the fleet to be adjusted accordingly; this eliminates needless costs for any vehicles which are more often than not stationary.

Environmental benefits

A shared take-home vehicle reduces the number of individual vehicles on the road by 12! In deploying a corporate mobility plan, or, more broadly, as part of a strategy to reduce carbon footprint, this conscientious means of mobility can be a genuine advantage. On this basis, you are to respond to issues related to corporate social responsibility while offering an innovative service to employees. A carsharing service may also be the incentive needed to promote the use of electric vehicles.

2.Presentation of on-board equipment in your vehicles

The e-Colibri™ carsharing solution not only provides a range of software platforms but also genuine expertise in terms of on-board equipment, for the purposes of connecting your vehicles to your new management platform. 

On-board equipments


1. On-board computer

Our on-board computer benefits from the last technologies in order to be compatible with most vehicles and to communicate even more quickly with the information system. 

2. RFID & NFC Reader 

Designed just for carsharing services our badge reader (located on the windshield) allow the use of RFID & NFC technologies. Possibilities are numerous: vehicles can be unlocking using a professional badge, a smartphone, or even a smartphone thanks to our e-Access remote control technology on the mobile application e-Manager 

3. End-way button

The on-board kit also includes an end-way button. This equipment enables the user to end its reservation very easily. Located near the steering wheel, it “frees” the vehicle and makes it available to reservation once again.

4. Connected keybox

Located in the glove box of the vehicle, the keybox contains the vehicle’s keys as well as the fuel card if necessary. If the keys are not in the keybox at the end of the reservation, it is impossible to lock the doors. This additional security prevents the loss of keys.

3. Service deployment stages

We would like to thank you for choosing the e-Colibri™ solution for your professional carsharing system! You can now discover the necessary stages and time frame for equipping your vehicles.

Activation of the carsharing system

Once the vehicles have been prepared by one of our installation engineers, several procedures are required to switch to carsharing mode. We explain the steps you need to take!

4. Communication plan

Your service is now operational! Mobility Tech Green provides a plan and communication tools in order to guarantee the internal success of your service and to make your colleagues aware of and unite them around this new shared mobility solution. 

Tools at your disposal

As part of its support program Carebox, Mobility Tech Green provides you with various media to aid communication related to your carsharing service.

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