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1. Creating a new reservation 

1.1 Search form

A search form located, by default, on the home page of the e-Colibrireservation platform enables your subscribers to find an available carsharing vehicle according to the car park at the start of the reservation and subject to availability. 

To this end, nothing could be simpler: they simply select their contract type (pro/perso) or their plan, enter the desired start and return dates and finally specify the site at which they wish to collect the vehicle. 

1.2 Vehicles timetable

e-Colibriwill therefore propose the available vehicles (model, number of spaces) during these days and will present the time slots detailed for each to your subscribers.

1.3 Reservation confirmation process 

When the vehicle has been chosen and reserved, the subscribers will be asked to report the reason for the reservation (meeting, etc.). They will then receive an e-mail and SMS to confirm their reservation, along with the fuel codes, if necessary.

2. My reservations

The My Reservations page gives your subscribers the chance to browse their reservations, whether they are in progress or ended. They can therefore check their status or even choose to open a carsharing reservation. By right clicking the mouse, they can access the detailed sheets of each reservation: vehicles, licence plate, unique reservation code, reservation time slots, theoretical period selected and kilometres covered.

Confirmed reservation Ended reservation View reservation
Reservation in progress Unconfirmed reservation Change reservation
Cancelled reservation Reservation not sent Delete reservation

3. Extending a reservation

In unforeseen circumstances, your subscribers may extend a reservation directly from the e-Colibri™ platform.

1. They must access the My Reservations page and click the pencil.

2. When the chosen reservation sheet is displayed, they are invited to change the start and return times prior to the start of the reservation period. The time and date of return can be changed even when the reservation is in progress.

When this stage has been completed, the subscriber must click Search: a green-coloured section appears to simulate the change to the timetable.

3. If the change is appropriate for the users, they can click Confirm: the extension of their reservation has been effectively taken into consideration.

4. Add carpooling

In order to amplify the extent to which the journey is shared, users can choose the carsharing option for their trip. On this basis, all they have to do is tick the “Open the reservation to carpooling” box when the reservation is being created.

5. Station map

The Station Map page provides subscribers with easy access to all the sites from which they can reserve a shared vehicle. By clicking the icon on the map, they can also view the various vehicles available on the selected site.